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office of feeling architecture is a portuguese based archiecture team .


Avenida da Liberdade nº40 piso 3 Sala 1

4700 - 322 Braga 



06.2014_Estático Movimento


Released the design of recreational boat.



04.2014_Dicotomia do Instável


Start of construction of he store CI interior design.



03.2014_O Tempo e a Sensação


Released the design of House in Braga, Portugal.


02.2014_O Vinco e a Simbiose


Start of construction.







About Us




OFFA is born by the will of experimentalists to respond to the specifics of the current economic and social context. Assumes a reactionary and critical posture using architecture and design as a form of expression and materialisation of its ideology. 


Office of Feeling Architecture assumes by definition an ideological insert that does address the architecture and design as platforms for expression of the sentimental field. 


ART - WILL - EXPRESSION - FEELING. This nested relationship rules the posture insertion of our business, where the enthusiastic pursuit of symbiosis are framed by the wishes of the client and the search for a unique identity and unequal that materializes in an imagery, that stands itself, creating an identity relationship between the object created and its observer.






Staff of 4 elements ,

Projets all around the world.





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